Maid Insurance: A Boom for Every Maid

Best Maid Insurance

Maids are playing a crucial role in keeping and running the household smoothly. Most of the people in Singapore are hiring the maids to do their household works. You cannot even imagine when your home is without a maid. You won’t be able to find the things in its place, no vessels will be washed, and your home will be filled with specks of dust. These are things that are emphasizing the importance of the maid. As a house owner, what do you do for your maid? If you are not done with any good things for them, it is time to think about it. You should come out with the best thing, which is more beneficial for them. In order to do the best thing, you should apply for maid insurance for them. Let’s see an overview of the maid insurance.

Maid Insurance

Before you are going to know about its coverages, you should know about maid insurance. Like other insurance policies, maid insurance is a type of policy, which exclusively protects your maid, when any unfortunate things happen. The maid insurance helps the house owners when they are hiring the maid or during the renewal of their contract. Whenever you are going to hire a foreign domestic helper, you should follow the compulsory requirements framed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore.

The following are the compulsory requirements of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

  • The Maid insurance policy should contain $60,000 per year in personal accident coverage.
  • It also contains the hospitalization coverage at least for $15,000 per year
  • To provide security and safety, it should contain $5000 for the maid.

The maid insurance aims to protect domestic helpers and their family. By considering their needs and essentials, these requirements are framed.

Maid Insurance Policy Structure

Most of the insurance companies in Singapore are offering the policy for 14-26 months with options to purchase various add-ons or different tires with varying price structures. Generally, the maid insurance policy duration is 12-24 months, and the extra two months of coverage as demanded by the MOM to insure your maid for an additional two months after their contract gets over. The duration of the insurance policy is also varied from different insurers. So you have to choose the best insurance providers by considering the work permit of your Maid.

Things That Should Be Covered In Maid Insurance

You should be wise while selecting the coverages for the maid insurance policy. MoneyIQ Singapore is the leading insurance provider, who is smart in offering different types of coverages for maid insurance. You can approach them and avail the best coverage plans for your domestic helper.

Personal Accident And Hospitalization Coverage

The MoneyIQ Singapore is covering the personal accident and hospitalization expenses. In the cause of any accidents that cause the death of the domestic worker or any permanent disability in their body, this personal accident coverage can be used. If your maid dies in an unfortunate accident, you have to send them back to their home. By doing so, their family members can provide the proper and respectful funeral.

As you know, the work culture of domestic helpers is filled with risks like cleaning the ceiling fans, removing the specks of dust hanging on the walls, and many more. So it is necessary to include the hospitalization coverage in the Maid insurance. You have to help your domestic workers when they are affected by diseases like Dengue, Zika, Sars, Malaria, Avian Influenza, etc. You can cover these types of diseases with infectious disease coverage.

Dental and Outpatient Coverage for Foreign Domestic Workers

Many house owners are neglecting this coverage for their maid. This is one of the important coverage that should be included in every maid insurance policy. If your maid needs immediate surgery, you can file the claim for surgery under outpatient coverage. The outpatient coverages can also have the benefits, when your maid is met with an accident while cooking or getting your children back from their schools or falling off while removing the dust and so on. In these types of cases, you can make use of outpatient coverage and dental coverage.

Wage Compensation and Third-Party Liability

If your maid met with an accident and was hospitalized for a few weeks or days, the insurance providers will provide wage compensation during those hard days. In addition to the basic coverages, you can include wage compensation on a maid insurance policy. The amount of wage compensation is framed by insurance providers. It will be varying for the different insurance providers. The house owners, who are satisfied with the work of their maid, can cover the third party liability.

Get Insured

By now, you get information about the maid insurance policy. It is the correct time to approach the insurance provider and avail the best maid insurance Singapore. Make sure you are smart in choosing the coverages for the maid insurance.