How To Choose A Pair Of Women’s Trousers?

Women’s Trousers

Choosing the appropriate pant for your body can be frustrating at times because we need to find the right one that has to be flattering and also the one that can add versatility to the wardrobe. You must know your body type perfectly to choose the perfect style of trousers. It will be very much aggravating to determine the body type but you will be able to know exactly what will be flattering for your figure the best.

Based on the size of your body and what will look best on you, the type of trousers for women must be chosen. One should not choose randomly to increase the number in the wardrobe but have to look at the type of figure first to choose from a number of trousers. Here is a list which will help you to choose which figure will be best for which trousers.

Straight and tall

In case you have a boyish shape figure, we must opt for high-waist pants. It will help to define the midsection. The pair of high-waist pants will flatter the area between your hips and your shoulders without any effort. If you want to add fancy accessorizing then you can add a fancy belt to the look.

If you have a lean figure and there is an absence of any curves then you can opt to wear trousers that can give an illusion of your shape. One of the other ways to do this is opting to wear a blouse that is button-up or also wear a fitted tank under the cropped jacket. For an athletic figure, boyfriend jeans or a cargo pant works the best.

Legs that go miles

Straight pants are one of the best options for legs that go for miles. You can also get away with the boot cut styles so that people get attracted to your leg’s height. A very vital point to remember is that the hem of the trousers for womenmust fall to your heel’s bottom.

To get a perfect fit, look out for brands that make an inseam of 36”. Trousers that are menswear-inspired are perfect for women who have legs that are always going on. Try to find a wool-blend pant that is belted.

Pear or apple shape

Wide-leg trousers look great in women who are having fuller midsection that also elongates the silhouette. The overall balance is created that will help the hope to look streamlined and slimmer. Trousers look much critical that fit around the thighs as they underline the waist and also helps to minimize the hips that are larger.

Some girls also have curvier hips. They have a pear-shaped body and should opt to stay away from clothes that are super-tapered and opt to choose a trouser of low-rise style.

Women with an apple-shaped body should try trousers that consist of elastic waistbands. They add comfort and also the busy print tends to camouflage the fat in the belly. Solid and dark colors trousers are the ideal ones to flatter your figure as the eye is drawn downward by these trousers.


Women having hourglass bodies need pants that will underline the smaller waist but show off the curves at the same time. Wide-legged, classic trousers that have a flat front and also a mid-rise will make the hourglass body look slim. Women having hourglass bodies can also wear skinny leggings and jeans as long as they are having slim legs.

If they do not have so a pear-shaped look will be created. Tops that have fitted-cap with no sleeves and a turtle neck top are perfect for the look to the finish.

Tips to invest in the best

Some people opts to buy denim shorts but trousers are considered to be the wardrobe staple for most women. Trousers are mostly used in the field of work and therefore they are frequently worn and also washed. They are a piece of clothing that is worth investing in. In case you find trousers that will fit you well, always tend to buy for than one pair of trousers.

Select different shapes of the legs that will suit different shoes. There are different classic colors of trousers like navy or black. They are very versatile as they are made keeping in mind that trousers will be preferred by women on different occasions.

Facts about fabric

The quality of the fabric is much more important therefore always choose to buy one that can withstand frequent laundering and activewear. Always opt for the one which has the best quality of structure when both summer and winter are considered.

Synthetic fabric is most commonly available but there is also the availability of natural materials such as cotton and wool that can provide breathability as well as comfort.

You can also choose sustainable options for example organic cotton where there is availability. Organic cotton can also be found to be blended with synthetic materials like polyester that can be recycled also.

It offers increased durability and stretch. Always look for the fabrics which have anti-pilling finishes as they can protect against bobbling and loss of color over time. One can also opt to buy denim shorts.

Double the benefit

When you manage to find the favorite pair of trousers it is worth it if you buy two pairs. This is just because trousers are the kind of outfit that tends to be worn out much faster than tops. Once the trousers have a good length do not forget to ensure the hems so that fraying can be prevented.

Colour code

Choosing the right kind of color for the trousers are very important. Always make sure that on which occasions you are planning to wear trousers. Choose the correct pair accordingly. Also, make sure that you match up the tops accordingly. If tops are not matched accordingly then the trousers will also not look good.

The bottom line

Try to understand the type of body you have, and choose the trousers accordingly. Always keep in mind that trousers are used on a daily basis, therefore do not hesitate to buy extra pairs of trousers if you find appropriate fit and color. Do not compromise on the fabric.